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Astrokidz is eminent manufacturer and suppliers play school equipments in Shivamogga. We are prominent supplier of indoor and outdoor play equipments for schools in Shivamogga. We are specialized in supplying and manufacturing of play school toys, outdoor play equipments, indoor play school equipments, school furniture,  play schools chair, play school tables, swing for schools, slide for schools, Sea Saw for schools, climber for schools, rubber flooring for school, toy train for schools, merry go round for schools and rider for schools in Shivamogga. We are play school equipments and toys manufacturers in Shivamogga at best price. Astrokidz aim to make children’s physically and mentally strong with playground equipments.  

Astrokidz is leading manufacturer, suppliers, dealer and designer for school preschool and government society in Shivamogga. We are doing work physical and mental development of Children. Physical and mental development of children is depending on the space or area of playing. We deal in play school equipments in Shivamogga for various places. These equipment are not harsh and do not provide any harm to body and skin.  We provide equipments for school, park, garden, playing area and as per the requirement of customers. The school playing equipment is necessary for the physical and mental development of kids. There are various school playing equipments in Shivamogga which matches your demand with money spend. The outdoor play equipment for schools in Shivamogga is important for extracurricular activities and to extent the scope of physical education.

We provide the facility to design best school play equipment in Shivamogga at reasonable price. The playing equipment for school in Shivamogga will increase the creative ability of children. School is the first outer place where the children understand the social atmosphere and gain some social skill. It can only possible when school children get that atmosphere. The school playground in Shivamogga is place where children understand and take various valuable aspects of life.

They can learn team work, equality, faith and to follow rules. Through our school playground equipment in Shivamogga teacher is easily extent the knowledge and development of physic. They can easily provide the knowledge about various games through different equipments.

We believe in providing numbers of school playground equipment in Shivamogga of different design and colour. These equipments meet all the requirement of playing and these are durable enough. These sustain for a long period of time without wear and tear. Our school equipment in Shivamogga provides easy learning with lots of fun. We deals in both may be for new school playground or to add equipment in old playground for school in Shivamogga. We deals in providing various playground equipments for school pre-school and play schools in Shivamogga. The equipments which we provide include various series pattern, seesaw, sliders, swing, revolving wheels, climbers and fitness playing equipments. We deal in both outer and inner playing equipment. These are available in various colour, size and design.

The playground equipment in Shivamogga is the source of increase children capability, boosting their knowledge, interacting and participation with other people. Its increases the imagination power of kids. Our school playground equipments manufacturer in Shivamogga is of high quality, durable at reasonable cost. We are one of the experts in making and installing playground equipment in Shivamogga India. We provide best and durable equipment which fulfil the needs of customers for school playing equipment in Shivamogga. Our school playing equipments easily fit at the space given. We have various range of playing equipments that suitable at desired places.

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